Facebook Propoganda

January 6, 2018

A year after the election of 2016, Facebook is "trying" to be transparent.  


It's a fucking lame attempt, Zuckerberg.


If you go here:  https://www.facebook.com/help/1991443604424859 

Facebook shows you if you "liked or followed" anything from the "Internet Research Agency."


I hit the link, nothing.


I did not "like or follow" -- whoop-de-fucking-do.


 Didn't tell me if that shit showed up on my page or how many of my crazy-ass friends pushed Russian propaganda at me.


For a company that makes billions by knowing all of my internet "friends", how we are connected and which ones like chocolate donuts with sprinkles, (which is all of them -- you can't be my friend if you don't like chocolate donuts) that's a fucking lame list of data right there.  


I guarantee Facebook is telling every advertiser exactly who got an "impression" of this shit or read the story of the child-sex ring Hilary Clinton was running out of the basement of a pizza shop in DC.


 But will they share that info with us for free? Fuck NO.


Are you telling me that all of this propaganda from a foreign power was linked to one single bullshit company (The Internet Research Agency)?  Trump has hundreds of LLC's and bullshit corporations.  If that dumbass, orange, traitor can figure out how to hide behind 100's of fake company names, why would the Russians use just one?


I can't figure out who is the dumbest of the dumb shits in this situation:

  • Is it the Russians for only using one company?

  • Is it Facebook for allowing just one company to manipulate the information millions of people saw?

  • Or is it all of us for believing that only one fucking company name was involved and this is the complete list of bullshit?


Not only does Facebook know who opened and read this shit, they also know where there are from.  It only took about 70,000 votes across Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania to flip the electoral college. 


I doubt this propaganda changed 70,000 minds, but they could have convinced thousands of people to vote who normally don't.  It could have convinced thousands more just to stay home because both candidates "suck".


Trump and the Russians want to sow cynicism and apathy.  In a normal election year, people complain that both candidates are godawful. But 2016, these were the two most hated people on the planet. Propaganda only made that worse.


It's clear that this little shit of a Facebook campaign was not the only reason for a Trump win.  Propaganda only works on those willing to believe it. But people are fucking stupid, and we don't need to spread more "stupid" in this world.


And you know damn well that Facebook knows more about this than they are willing to admit.  We should make Zuckerberg and his minions figure out how to stop it, or we should treat Facebook like a publisher and hold them accountable for the shit that goes out on their site.


Ohh, and you too Twitter.  Grow up and act like real publishers and stop hiding behind the "crowd." Lazy, greedy, fucking shits -- don't push your propaganda on us.













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